Business Apps

Business Apps help to grow business rapidly in this modern era. Therefore, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. offers business apps at a minimal cost. In fact, business app development has gone from a curiosity to a basic need for all businesses. Even this happen just in the last few years. For instance, companies are learning how to make apps and using them to make it easier for customers. In addition, to do business with them, to give their employees new tools to help them work more efficiently. Even to find new ways to make money. So, for that reason, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. has taken some steps.

Business Apps

Importance of business apps

However, with each new version, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets get more powerful and have more features. Above all, this makes it possible for businesses to make mobile apps that are much better and worldlier. Even though technology is changing quickly and it’s exciting to see what it can do. In fact, making apps has become much harder. At SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd., we work with companies in all kinds of industries to simplify the app development process. Therefore, create custom mobile apps for their business and customers. On the other hand, over the years, we’ve helped our clients bring in a lot more money. So, we now know how to turn a good app idea into a success story because of this.

Today, mobile apps can combine features from technologies like augmented reality, machine learning, and the internet of things. Many businesses also don’t know how to make an app for their business or don’t have the tools to do.

Plan Your Company's Future

For instance, a business app without a strategy is like constructing a house without a plan. In fact, it’s conceivable, that you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. Even it’s critical that your app’s development plan spells out your objectives, constraints, and preferred method of implementation. On the other hand, in the Apple app and Google Play store, there are more than 10 million business apps. But only 0.01% of the app is now in income. But a few years back it was just 0.001%. So, planning for your company’s future is a must. Even it will suggest you develop a profitable business app. Likewise, you can contact SEO Expate Bangladesh for your excellent business app development.

Business Apps

How business apps are in earning

Business apps will not help to grow your business but also help you to solve consumers’ various problems. Because customers use more than a website a single application can solve their issues. After that, serving the service you can charge a specific charge for your service. Moreover, the development of billion-dollar applications can solve large-scale problems and huge profits also. So, are you confused still about how you can earn from your business apps? Therefore, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. not only has developers but also has idea developers. They are ready to show how you can earn easily from your business apps. Let us discuss some business apps.

Business Apps that succeed have a well-defined aim. Google Drive is an excellent tool for swiftly accessing, creating, and storing files. However, using Facebook allows you to connect with those you care about the most. Therefore, you can send and receive money from friends and family using Venmo. After that, Uber provides transportation to and from any location. Finding a place to stay no matter where you’re going is easy with AirBnB. To clarify, your app must give a solution to users’ problems and add value to their lives. Above all, developing an app entails more than simply inventing a new piece of software. A terrific product and a fantastic company are the focus of our endeavor.

Building Business Apps

Business apps have five steps: define, design, build, test, and deploy. Let SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. discuss this here. Therefore, it will help you to develop business apps.


You may have a clear idea of the app you want to make up to this point. Firstly, you might have made a high-level functional spec or rough sketches of how you want your app to look. Secondly, that might be enough information for programmers to start building the app. For apps with a small scope and low level of complexity. Thirdly, you can make them in small steps using agile development processes. Fourthly, you don’t need to know a lot of details upfront. But for more complex mobile apps, you’ll need use cases or user stories to record. Finally, the business rules and detailed functional requirements. At this stage, you should decide what your project will be about. To sum up, to define a business app you can take suggestions from SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd.


Putting together a business app can’t be an afterthought. Moreover, consumers like products that are easy to use have a polished user interface (UI), and work well. So, the business apps development team with a lot of experience knows how to make scalable and successful apps. As per their best practices. In fact, during the design phase, the focus is on how things look and work. Henceforth, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. designers can handle unlimited revisions for making the best business app.

However, app UI/UX designers can use design tools like Invision, Sketch, or Adobe XD. So turn the app requirements into wireframes, which they can then use to make visual designs. After that, everyone who has a stake in the project should give feedback on the plans during this stage. It will cost a lot to make changes to the app’s design after being built. Therefore, your business app development team will figure out some matters. Such as the architecture, technology stack, database structure, and API design of an app as part of solution design. It would help if you thought about how your project will be done at this stage.


In business apps development, the building is the most crucial part. After having the design for your app, it’s time to build it. Most app development projects involve front-end development, API development, and back-end development. Therefore, apps can also have services for authenticating users, sending push notifications, processing payments, and playing multimedia. In fact, tracking users’ locations, and analyzing how people use the app. Many companies make mobile apps that include advanced AI and machine learning features, augmented reality, and the internet of things. Finally, your process for making an app should start with technical analysis and the app’s architecture.


After building the business app you must go for a test. Because, tests for quality assurance (QA) ensure that your app is stable, secure, and works as it should. Therefore, creating a testing plan and cases is part of a thorough app testing process. Meanwhile, best practices say that you should test every aspect of your application more than once. Using mobile app designs, user experience testing will ensure that your app works well. Above all, functional testing makes sure that every part of an app works. So, performance testing makes sure that the app loads quickly, doesn’t waste memory, and doesn’t drain the device’s battery.


Therefore, the final part of business apps development is deployment. In fact, if developing an app requires work on the database and back-end, you must deploy these parts separately. Cloud service providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are used by many companies to host their databases and web applications. Cloud hosting gives you freedom and the ability to grow. It can also lower the company’s initial costs for buying hardware and software licenses. Figure out your onboarding process as part of your deployment stage. For enterprise apps, train both your employees and users outside the company. This will make your app more popular and help it succeed.

In conclusion

At SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd., we have successfully launched many web apps and mobile apps for companies in the finance, construction, healthcare, industrial engineering, entertainment, retail, travel, and consumer products industries. In fact, we help our clients figure out how to make an app from strategy to a successful launch. Even we do this by giving them advice every step of the way. After that, we do complete app development projects for our clients so that they can stay focused on running their businesses. Reach out to SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. to say hello, find out more about what we do, or talk about what we can do for your business.