WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk Is Launched from SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk is WhatsApp-based customer service and helpdesk software that is powered through WhatsApp Business API. In addition, it gives businesses a simple and effective method to interact and manage consumer discussions on WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk enables real-time communications. However, quicker reaction times, and wiser resolution of customer inquiries. Accordingly, consumers are in a rush to acquire rapid and accessible updates on the discussions they’re having. Let us talk about WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk.

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk

Software Features for WhatsApp Customer Support Helpdesk

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can provide you WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk at a wholesale price. Eventually, a lot of companies can provide you with that. But our product or service is one of the powerful and fast tools. Therefore, your customer service and support will be fast and easy with our WhatsApp-based customer care helpdesk software. It also gives you access to all of your previous client conversations. As well as chat data from a single dashboard. Moreover, all necessary customer care helpdesk functions are included in the program. Above all, allowing you to communicate with your clients from any location.

Customer Service with a Multi-Agent Team

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk is a customer service program that has several agents. It enables several customer support agents to work together on a single client. Meanwhile, utilizing the same dashboard to handle customer concerns without sacrificing productivity. Even the program categorizes, tags, and prioritizes requests before assigning them to agents. Furthermore, the WhatsApp-based customer care helpdesk software centralizes agent chats. Additionally, maintains track of user requests, and allows for quick resolution of various customer service concerns. Finally, helpdesks will automatically escalate tickets to management if any of the agents miss deadlines.

1-on-1 communication is a kind of communication

The program was created to make one-on-one consumer contact simple. From a single location, agents may reply to each unique consumer. Agents can better serve consumers with this skill. When an agent caters to a client one-on-one, it’s simpler to keep track of which customers have already received responses and which problems need to be resolved. So if you buy WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk from SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. You will get huge extra advantages.

WhatsApp Messages, Alerts, and Notifications

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk enables organizations to link business apps to it. In addition, to deliver relevant alert notifications and mission-important communications. Such as Payment reminders, Appointment reminders, Order receipts, and Delivery notifications via WhatsApp messages. To clarify, this implies that instead of changing channels and calling the provider. Even, a client may respond to a message received by the provider over WhatsApp. Agents respond to messages, they will get alerts such as Message Delivered and Message Read.

Real-Time Insights from Analytics

Henceforth, you can follow your discussion across all channels and agents with WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk’s built-in statistics. Find out about average handling time, first response rates, time-to-resolution, and other metrics in real-time. So, this comprehensive customer service reporting and analytics. Therefore, it will allow organizations to drill down into the specifics of the customer, channel, and team data in real-time. Even receive immediate updates and insights.

Make it simple for your customers to get in touch with you

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk is the most intelligent help desk software available, in SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. Therefore, it is allowing companies to concentrate on the client and give excellent service. Agents may concentrate only on addressing issues and providing the fastest possible response thanks to this completely automated customer system software. Here are some extraordinary features we want to share you with, likewise

From a single, easy interface, you can access key WhatsApp-based customer support helpdesk tools.

All of your customer communications should be shown in the foreground. Even you can add custom dialogues for your promotions.

Monitoring and administration of tickets are fully automated. Prioritize your tasks and respond to inquiries more quickly.

Live chat allows consumers to connect with agents in real-time. Give each customer’s query individual attention.

To learn more about response time, problem volume, and other topics, access and monitor different reports.

To respond to frequently asked queries, have prefabricated replies on hand. Set up automatic reminders to follow up on them.

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk has a built-in chat management system. Therefore, it allows agents to keep track of their client interactions without missing a beat. It improves the consumer experience and raises the likelihood of conversion in the long run. Moreover, agents can assist consumers in real-time thanks to our effective chat management, which boosts customer happiness.

These are the ongoing discussions, and consumer complaints are now being addressed.

These are the talks that have come to an end, and there is no need for any further contact.

Even it will also show you, chats that are currently pending. Conversations that have occurred recently will show systematically.

The most important features of searching from our consumers we added already!
Managing Contacts

Before beginning the campaign, it’s just as much fun to add, modify, and delete contacts from WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk. Its user-friendly design makes adding and removing contacts a breeze. To clarify, you may also import a list of subscribers. There’s also a search option to help you discover a specific contact from the list you’ve submitted.

Supervisory Control

WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk is a chat platform that supports many agents. Multiple representatives from various departments may collaborate to handle consumer issues using the platform. Adding and removing agents from the interface is possible via the dashboard. Admins can allocate conversations to certain agents as well as delete roles.

Onboarding auto-responses

Time and effort save if you start using it. Avoid sending the same welcome message every time a new member joins. As auto-responses, you may save greetings, links, product pitches, and FAQs. Simply type the shortcode into the box and press enter. It’s now the turn of your client.
In conclusion, try out the WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk made by SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. Because it comes with tools for managing chats and many more extra features. It can look at your WhatsApp Business and spread out. You can also change the section as per your requirements. For this reason, our customer representative’s area is open for you 24/7. Also, we use AI-powered contact scoring to sort leads into groups and help them turn into customers. To be clear, yes, we are not only saying to you that we are the best. If you go through our consumer chain you will get the same pleasant reply.