WhatsApp Business API

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd is the biggest company in this challenging sector. With our WhatsApp Business API, you can connect with your customers on the most-used messaging app in the world.

Here, 53 percent of the people who answered said. They are more likely to buy from a company that offers customer service through chat on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger than one that doesn’t. WhatsApp Messenger is an excellent choice as a customer service channel because it is used by 2 billion people in 180 countries. Furthermore, the WhatsApp Business API is available. We can help you reach your customers and interact with them on their favorite messaging app.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp + Your Business = A Perfect Match

If you’re a medium-sized or large business that follows the WhatsApp Commerce Policy, get ready to chat with your customers. There is a one-time service activation fee and different prices for using WhatsApp through Key Reply.

How the WhatsApp Business API can serve

With KeyReply’s WhatsApp Business API, your agents can be more productive and give better customer service. So, ensure a positive customer experience. All of these things make customers feel very involved, which makes them more likely to buy from you again and write good reviews. KeyReply can help you talk to your customers in real-time using the power of chat automation. Talk to us about getting your business off the ground so you can grow it. Today, you should ask for a demo of WhatsApp Business.

Using AI and NLP to send automated messages can improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Send booking confirmations, order receipts, delivery status updates, appointment reminders, and more automatically. Customer service will be better if you automatically contact customers again after they contact you. Profile and preference analytics can help you learn a lot about your customers so you can give them great experiences. You can make more money and save money by giving your agents more time. With our WhatsApp Business API, multiple agents can manage the channel from a single platform, so they can handle live chat questions at the same time. Use an AI use Chatbot to give your business a boost. Your customer service team will have more time to deal with important questions if you let the AI chatbot handle most of the questions.

WhatsApp Business API

Give your customers a better experience

It’s important to respond quickly to your customers if you want them to have a good experience. Now, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can give you an instant response. 75 percent of people surveyed by the CMO Council said that “fast response times” were the most important part of the customer experience. Here, we give you the most important thing after expertise: good customer service and help. When customers believe you appreciate their importance. So, it makes them feel like they can trust you and your business.

With our WhatsApp Business API, you can send both internal and external messages to keep everyone in the loop about things like:
WhatsApp Business is not the same as

It’s not hard at all to make your customers happier. 64% of people would rather message than call or email. Help them out by being available on their favorite app to chat.

Collect data and use it to make your service better

The WhatsApp Business API lets you gather information about customer problems and requests. So you can see where you can make improvements. Since 80% of your customer service problems come from 20% of the causes. You will have the information you need to find that 20% and solve problems faster. Today, you can ask for a demo and learn more about how KeyReply is different.

Why Should You Work With KeyReply?

It can be hard to find a reliable Whatsapp Business API partner. So, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can give you a trusted site. You want to easily understand the costs. We make sure there are no hidden fees that could waste your time and money. When you work with KeyReply, you can focus on what really matters: growing your business. We’ve made it easier than ever for your customers to start using WhatsApp by guaranteeing the best prices in the market. Put the signup form right on your site. This makes sure that customers are very happy and that prices are competitive. It leads to repeat business and good reviews. Moreover, KeyReply also helps you use the power of chat automation to communicate with customers in real-time.

Prices that is clear No Hidden Costs

We believe in being completely honest. Also, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. gives you information that you can trust. It just makes good business sense!

A flat monthly fee of $8 USD per number
No fee to join.
No fee for a business account.
There is no fee to apply.
No fees for setting up or approving a template message.
Costs don’t go up as your business grows, but profits do. Lowest price match guaranteed.

Go live Quickly

With KeyReply’s embedded flow, signup and account activation can do quickly and automatically. Our embedded flow helps you: Connecting the Business Manager account, making a WABA, and verifying the phone number can all be in a single flow, which cuts the onboarding time from days to minutes. The new onboarding flow makes the process smooth and easy. Your customers can start sending you messages.

Customizable, transparent, and loaded with features

No bells and whistles and no extra BSP API layer. Pure and direct access to WhatsApp for Business to:
You can use Rich Media Templates like images, videos, and documents by using the latest API.
Make buttons like Quick Reply and Call to Action interactive.
Host on-premises or on your own cloud Open API for integrations.

Choose SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. for WhatsApp Business API

Finally, SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. has its own WhatsApp Business API developer team. As a result, we are never frightened of a challenge. Furthermore, we have over ten years of experience in this industry. We strive to adhere to all the facts from WhatsApp Business APIthat we previously supplied. As a result, if you engage us, we guarantee a positive ROI. These SEO concepts should be kept in mind when you create and launch your website. This will aid the success of your website. They may assist you in bringing your WhatsApp Business to a wider audience via organic search. After that, make sure your company receives the online traffic it needs to prosper.