WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot is a piece of automated software that runs on the WhatsApp network and is powered by rules or Artificial Intelligence(AI). People communicate with the WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, just as they would with a real person. It’s a series of automatic WhatsApp responses that act as though you’re having a real conversation. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can help you with this WhatsApp Chatbot service.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Some Basic about WhatsApp Chatbots

Here SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. will give you a total overview of WhatsApp Chatbots in this content. So by reading the whole content, you can understand the entire concept. Now at first, the question comes to everyone’s mind: What is a WhatsApp Chatbot, and how does it work? This article will also give you some examples of a WhatsApp Chatbot. Also, the article’s main topic is the benefits of using WhatsApp Chatbots, what a WhatsApp Chatbot is and how it works, etc.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp Chatbot is a computer-assisted conversation buddy. It allows a person to have a conversation with a computer. On WhatsApp, you usually have a conversation with another person (for example, one of your friends), but with chatbots, Instead of interacting with a person, you are conversing with a machine.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Some Real-Life Examples of WhatsAppChatbot

Now we are showing you some real-life examples of WhatsApp chatbots. The KLM Social is one of the WhatsApp Chatbots. Some of the biggest companies in the world use these for customer care support. It sends consumers many information, notifications, and also provides updates. AgentBot is another artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. This means it’s more than a list of questions; it’s a conversational bot that understands natural language, including emojis, regionalisms, and misspellings.

Why Should We Use WhatsApp Chatbots

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world. With over billions of users all around the world, it is the most popular social media platform. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. knows the fact, and therefore we come with the service to help you.

So, in summary, you need to use WhatsApp because everyone is already using it. They are just waiting for you to send them a message. Besides that, you can reach any potential client on WhatsApp because it is used by many users worldwide. Here people often ask I am already using WhatsApp, so why should I use a chatbot?

SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. will give you reasons why you should need chatbots for your business. Here are some most important reasons.

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A WhatsApp chatbot function works straightforwardly. Someone can send a message to a company’s business WhatsApp number, and the chatbot will attempt to interact the same way a human would. At first, a user starts a conversation with a WhatsApp chatbot of some company. The user may ask some basic questions. Here, the chatbot understands this message, recognizes the words, and recommends inquiries related to solutions or answers. Based on those recognized words, the chatbot will look database for asked questions. Finally, the chatbot will send a message back with all the recommended answers from the database. But here, KLM is exceptional. Nobody sent them a message, and they automatically sent someone’s ticket or other details. So, it’s also possible that the chatbot starts the conversation with the user.

Rules to Maintain While Using Chatbot

You can’t just send any message to anyone with your WhatsApp chatbot. There are certain rules that you must follow. So that businesses don’t spam everyone on WhatsApp, which is annoying sometimes. So, what are these rules we need to maintain? With WhatsApp Chatbots, there are two types of conversations.
The first one is user-initiated conversations. When a user initiates a dialogue with your company. After that, your company has 24 hours to respond to the message. Secondly, the conversations launched by a company. When a company initiates a chat with a user after the “24-hour window” has passed. Don’t worry if you only plan to respond to user-initiated conversations within 24 hours because you won’t be breaking any restrictions. A 24-hour window will open whenever a user delivers a message to your WhatsApp chatbot. Within this 24-hour timeframe, you have complete freedom to send any notice to the user.

WhatsApp Message Templates

You must use a WhatsApp Message Template if you wish to send a message to a user outside of the 24-hour window. However, you can only send a message in very precise circumstances; otherwise, WhatsApp would not allow it. This category can be used to notify users when their accounts are updated or modified. Customers, for example, can be notified after their account has been successfully created on your website. Important updates or news should be communicated to customers. This category is for user announcements in general.

Some of The Best Chatbot Software You Can Use

Businesses can utilize WhatsApp plugins on their websites to improve consumer access and initiate push marketing campaigns. Importantly, you can use chatbots to automate your client communication. We’ve pointed out some familiar Chatbot tools. Those are:

1. Agentbot
2. Botscrew
3. MessengerPeople
4. Botsociety
5. Raphiwha

6. Gupshup
7. Yalo
8. LivePerson
9. ChatCompose
10. Landbot.io

11. Morph.ai
12. Engati
13. Botsza
14. SnatchBot
15. Flow.ai

These are some WhatsApp Chatbot you can find on the internet. SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd. can build you one of these types of chatbot software if you want. So, without further delay, contact us soon.